NPU-T Committees

Below are NPU-T Committees and a summary of their purpose. All committees are open to volunteers for long, short or special project terms.

  1. Economic Development/Consumer Affairs
    Investigate strategies and methods to improve the economics of the neighborhood.
  2. Zoning and Land Use
    Evaluate land use, as well as zoning issues for areas of the neighborhood; stay abreast of zoning ordinances that affect the residential and commercial areas. Any and all zoning matters must first be brought to the zoning chairperson.
    Chair: Kim Parmer
    • Code Enforcement Subcommittee
      Monitor the neighborhoods and report code violations to the appropriate city department, especially the city department of housing code compliance.
  3. Public Safety
    Responsible for the issues of crime in the neighborhood and crime prevention, especially to organize crime watches and crime patrols by the residents.
    Chair: Josh McNair
  4. Education
    Motivate increased participation in PTAs and support for the public schools. Will monitor Board of Education committee meetings; will review and evaluate textbooks, especially social studies texts focusing on history.
    Chair: Tigist Slaton
  5. Executive Committee
    Empowered to act for the NPU-T when necessary between its regular meetings.
  6. Bylaws
    Responsible for reviewing the bylaws of the organization on a yearly basis.
  7. Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs
    Responsible for assisting NPU-T and member communities with activities and special events within NPU-T boundaries. Also responsible for assisting with park planning and development of individual community development activities for new parks, community gardens, and special cultural events.